Lauren Fox, MPT

Lauren has been specializing in orthopedic manual therapy since 1996. She has expertise in Vestibular Rehabilitation for vertigo and balance disorders and has been Pilates trained since 2003. Lauren uses her knowledge of orthopedics, neurology and osteopathic techniques to treat a wide variety of complicated disorders.



Kathy Johnson, MPT

Kathy has been specializing in osteopathic manual therapy techniques since 1995. She has extensive training in visceral mobilization, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy, treating complex neurologic, orthopedic and systemic pain syndromes.




Galen Okazaki, MPT

Galen has spent most of his career in Pediatric rehabilitation. He is one of the very few in Southern California with both a strong manual therapy background for orthopedics as well as expertise in neurologic rehabilitation for adults and children. He is traditionally and osteopathically trained providing him with a comprehensive approach to physical therapy. He is a specialist in neural reflex integration rehabilitation and is proficient in developmental screening for newborns, infants and young kids.